Sembrando Semillas Con Yoga

07 day retreat

Yoga Meditation and Holistic Therapies


Once a month, come and enjoy a beautiful experience here in the sacred valley of the Inkas, our goal is for you to learn different programs to relieve all types of traumas, phobias, depression, free yourself from patterns that do not allow you to advance on your path of life, heal aspects that you have been carrying from this life or others.

Become a healthy therapist and help heal others, so you can create a world with less pain and suffering, help all beings evolve and find their way to peace and harmony.

Come and recharge yourself with the sacred energy of this magical and transformative place here in the sacred valley, in Cusco, Peru

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What will you learn?

Reiki Initiation, level I and level II

(spiritual healing with universal energy)

Daily meditations, calming the mind, meditations to align your chakras, Forgiveness meditation, (forgiving your ancestors, your past and the people who influenced your life), meditations to cut family patterns, Akashic record meditations

Yoga therapy for the soul (daily practice, channeling energy from the earth and the universe in each posture)

Crystal therapy (Healing through crystals to release emotions, heal physical, mental and emotional problems, unblock chakras and more)

Energy cleaning with the condor feather.

Baths with earth herbs, how to speak with the earth element, passing the egg to remove larvae or blocked energy

Learn to connect with the earth, channel its energy of abundance and healing.

Learn to speak with water and connect with its element to remove obstacles

We will use the 4 elements for healing, recognizing them within our body and emotions,

Sacred fire, how to connect with the energy of fire, cleanse and burn patterns that we want to get out of our lives and welcome new patterns.

I chant mantras every day, to open the heart, cleanse and purify, transform bitterness, anger, resentment, open to shine from the heart.

An offering to Mother Earth to thank and ask for changes for your life.

Use of the pendulum (how to ask the pendulum to make correct decisions?

How to make a mala (Indian Rosary to recite mantras and purify the mind)

Cocoa Ceremony (for the opening of the 5th chakra)

Alignment of all your chakras, with ancestral techniques.

Departures to energetic and sacred centers in the Sacred Valley of Cusco.

Download the program for these 7 unforgettable days, full of wisdom and love

Our goal is to create a better world, with more internal connection, to fill the void in the hearts of being. Remember you are power, you are light, you can transform your life, you just need to learn and develop this knowledge into wisdom.

  • What includes?
    a 100-hour yoga and jnana yoga certificate
    A Reki certificate
    3 meals a day
    Accommodation for 7 days
    Excursions to the sacred places of the Incas
    all the therapies to learn
    mates and teas
    making your own Mala Temazcal
    production of a natural product
  • What does it not include?
    Plane tickets
    Round trip from Cusco city to the Valley
    Crystals for the 7 chakras
  • What do you need to bring?
    Crystals for the 7 chakras
    yoga mat