Our goal is for you to learn different programs to relieve all types of traumas, phobias, depression, free yourself from patterns that do not allow you to advance on your life path, heal aspects that you have been carrying from this life or others.

Become a healthy therapist and help heal others, so you can create a world with less pain and suffering, help all beings evolve and find their way to peace and harmony.


Come and recharge yourself with the sacred energy of this magical and transformative place here in the Sacred Valley, in Cusco, Peru.

Come and recharge yourself with the sacred energy of this magical and transformative place here in the Sacred Valley, in Cusco, Peru.


Our intention is to train you so that you can experience the truth within yourself to become an authentic guide who can help people find their own truth, true happiness and openness to the guidance of the Higher Being and Mother Earth.

Our Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga School helps students become stronger and healthier, and rediscover their divine connection, the connection with your inner being. The participant is guided to remember the union with the entire universe and mother earth. This changes the student's vision of life, altering the state of consciousness, creating more harmony, goodwill and inner peace.


We are a team of professional teachers with a lot of experience in Yoga.

Yoga Teacher
E-RYT 500, RYT 500
Founder of SSY / Director of the RYS 200 RYT-300 Program at Sowing Seeds with Yoga


At age 10, Marisol He left his parents' house to live with his first spiritual guide. She remained under that guide who helped her remember her divine connection until she was 17 years old. During that time, he learned about Bhakti Yoga, the loving and devotional relationship with the Supreme.

Your first withdrawal Vipassana It took place in the year 2000, 10 consecutive days without speaking, just meditating for 100 hours, he sat like this 7 times in vipassana, he discovered a new sensitivity and an embodied understanding of the mind-matter relationship.

It was also then in the year 2000 that he started practicing Yoga. He followed several courses to deepen his practice and better serve his students. ccompleted its RYT-200 in 2009. In 2010, studied in India with a dear friend, Yogacharya Tonmoy and learned to integrate healing mantras into his teaching and practice.

In 2012 he studied Vinayasa Flow RTY 200h, In Bolivia and Peru

In 2014, during his stay at the India and Nepal, followed the path of Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore, southern India, studying to obtain a RYT-300.

In 2015, he studied the Vinyasa flow style at the Yoga Institute in Guatemala getting another RYT-300 certificate.

From 2016 to 2017 she studied Iyengar Yoga alignments to further deepen her practice. He has also studied Munayki energy healing, crystal therapy and Reiki, which he practices whenever someone needs help, obtaining the Master in Reiki.

He studied Neuropathy and has currently been studying Kriya Yoga for 2 years.

Her enthusiasm leads her to believe that everyone can be mentally and physically healthy. Marisol sees yoga and the connection with Mother Nature as a door to healing. karmic patterns and to liberation itself.

Marisol She is very enterprising, positive and affectionate with her students, she lives happily in the countryside, and has already traveled to many countries in South America and Europe. The connection she has with the land has led her to develop her own natural soaps based on oils and her own creams based on plants and flowers. She has two children and lives peacefully and happily.

I have been studying to be a Yoga teacher for 20 years, then I took a course with Wayra in Bolivia with the great teacher  Vedantin Ping Luo, at the Yoga Institute school, with its main headquarters in the United States. There she specialized in Vinyasa flow. She studied Psychology at the Alas Peruanas University, for a short time. She was in India and Nepal, looking for more teachings that would make her grow both in asanas. like in meditation, there I take an Ashtanga course Yoga in mysore, in South India, is a Vipassana meditator, she started her first course in 2000, which made her become aware and attentive in the physical body as well as in the mind, through vibrations, she studied Munayki (how to heal energetically) in 2010 next to his great healer and chiropractor friend Howard Luminous.   

In 2015 there was the initiation of Reiki which he practices every time he needs to help someone.          

Marisol believes in mother Nature and in its benefits, that is why when his students get sick he can advise with natural plants; Marisol He is very enthusiastic and believes that we can all be healthy mentally and physically, we just need to know ourselves more.  Marisol see the yoga as therapy for soul and body, that is why it unites all aspects for the treatment of students, it helps therapeutically through semi-precious stones in the chakras of each student and natural essential oils, apart from healing with plants to cleanse the liver, blood and stomach, it is very interested in what it is natural medicine and ayurveda.

Thus, the “Sowing Seeds with Yoga” teachers are highly trained and enthusiastic, dedicated to continuous learning throughout their lives in order to expand their knowledge to the world. They are faithful followers of Iyengar teachings and have taken several Iyengar alignment courses.


The body is the vehicle of the spirit.